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CD-LP 1998
Lisa Dewey's official debut album.

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1. Under the Lean To
2. Close to My Honeypot
3. Questioning You Disappearing
4. Your Hands Are So Dirty, I Can't Sleep
5. I Caught a Canary
6. Hat
7. I'll Write
8. In Search of Terra
9. Ruth
10. Spiral and Gone 

Metro Santa Cruz
May 12, 1999
Review of the LOVE AND ROCKETS and Lisa Dewey show Lisa Dewey's opulent tapestries were prime music to take a bubble bath and write introspective haikos to. The brisk tempo of "I'm Not Your Lover" had my Pacemaker shredding through my rib cage. Plus, the last song, in which she laments something about "soup and salad", had all the makings of a Fresh Choice dance sensation. -Matt Koumaras

Metro San Jose
April 07, 1998
Lisa Dewey - It takes 12 strings to get Dewey's point across, proving she's capable of going the extra distance. The punk-folkie can control the weather with the ethereal nature of her songs. -(TSI)

Metro Santa Cruz
March 17, 1999
... also on the Girl Fest menu are the rootsy blues rock offerings of see jane run and the mystical pop stylings of Lisa Dewey. Dewey creates dreamy, ethereal soundscapes in the Cocteau Twins/Dead Can Dance realm.
-Matt Koumaras

The City Revolt
June 28, 1997
Lisa Dewey Lola CUKI
Dewey dishes up lush 12-string guitar work and ethereal vocals that work like a dream machine operated by the Cocteau Twins. It gets better; Dewey also displays a hearty punk-folk ethic, adapting a strong country twang to boxcar odes such as "I Caught a Canary" and "You're
Hands Are So Dirty, I Can't Sleep." Her only fault is a tendency to repeat key lines, as if caught in a mantralike loop. Her voice is strong and injected with a sense of entitlement, making it worth waiting out the words for the next tongue trip.
-The City Revolt

KSJS and SJSU alum's first CD release on her very own label, Kitchen Whore. A self proclaimed devotee to Cocteau Twins for over 14 years, Lisa cannot deny the overt influence on a few tracks. Overall, her classic, one woman "songwriter" style dominates the entire CD with
scattered 4AD influences (Kendra Smith, Lisa Germano, Throwing Muses, and Tarnation) in stripped down yet full sounding instrumentation featuring a cello and lap steel guitars.

The City Revolt
July 1997
Lisa Dewey - Lola CUKI- kitchen whore records (CD). San Jose can boast talent like Miss Dewey. "Close to My Honeypot" is reminiscent of the haunting echoes of Cocteau Twins. "I'll Write" is such a simplistic two-chord, two-word composition, yet it's so pretty, it's my favorite.
The equally simple cello (Michaela Guiterrez) mix adds to the beauty on this track. Complements to the crew for getting this CD out. -The City Revolt

Metro San Jose
June 17, 1997
Lisa Dewey - Lisa Dewey's no-nonsense approach extends to her acoustic-based soliloquies that are rapt, honest and headstrong. She blends punk and folk in the style of Pacific Northwest singer-songwriters like Lois or Kicking Giant. Dewey's newest album is
a standout.

Metro San Jose
September 10, 1998
Mistress of Kitchen Whore Records, singer/songwriter Lisa Dewey has created a sound that glistens with an ethereal buoyant quality. Dewey's Lola CUKI is full of floaty pop melodies.
-Sarah Quelland

January 29,1999
Reminiscent of ambient-alternative group the Cocteau Twins. Lisa Dewey's 'Lola CUKI', is really great! I enjoy the deep, rich and dreamy quality it conveys with such simple and sophisticated
understatement. There is a haunting quality to this music and some songs almost sound like mantras!
-a Northwest Music fan.

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