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LISA DEWEY Weather Changer Girl
CD-LP 2000
Featuring performances and mixes by Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins, as well as a performance by Michael Steele of the Bangles. "Weather Changer Girl" is the long-awaited follow up to Lisa's2nd full length album "Lola CUKI" (1997), which continues to receive airplay worldwide.

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1. Watching Her Fingers [View the Single]
2. Thirty Years in You
3. I Want to be Your Matador, Your Bullfighter!
4. You and Your Library (of sounds)
5. Heathens
6. Startle Heart
7. The Other One
8. Takin' Out the Trash
9. Stormy Colored Clouds
10. I'm Not Your Lover 

DJ Modern Mark (KSCU)
July 2002
LISA DEWEY Weather Changer Girl
With a personal image more righteous than any babe and a style to fit
any mood, you will find yourself talking about Lisa to all your friends
and lovers. Her voice will grab your attention "weather" or not she's
moody with etherialism ("Watching Her Fingers") or shunning out someone
who thinks they are her lover ("I'm Not Your Lover"). On Weather
Changer Girl, her second CD, you will find everything from ethereal
landscapes ("Stormy Colored Clouds") to I-have-something-to-say
dedications ("Takin' Out the trash"). Slightly more serious and darker
that her cute fancy-dancy debut Lola CUKI, Lisa has taken the time to
impress the listener with an album that has an edge like no other. The
Hope Sandoval and Cocteau Twins influences are evident, but this rising
local artist could easily make any listener perk their ears toward her
mysterious, yet attractive spellbinding direction.
-DJ Modern Mark

Calendar Pick from Santa Cruz Metro July 24 -31, 2002
July 25, 2002
Lisa Dewey and Bethany Curve Friday July 26, 2002 Cayuga Vault; 1100
Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA. Both of these acts have been favorably
compared to the Cocteau Twins, and both have been described as dreamy,
multilayered, atmospheric pop. San Jose's pinup-girl gothling, Lisa
Dewey, along with her excellent backing band The Lotus Life, also
recalls early Everything But the Girl, with her part-folk, part-jazz,
all-gorgeous pop.
-Hiya Swanhuyser Metro Santa Cruz
August 11, 2001
Lisa Dewey's ethereal sound is very pleasant to listen to. Her album
has plenty of gently circling guitars and is crowned by Lisa's cool
voice. Her stylistic resemblance to the Cocteau Twins is underlined by
Simon Raymonde's assistance on some tracks. The softness of most of
the songs is neatly balanced by the more abrasive songs like "Takin'
Out the Trash". Still, this can't prepare the listener for the primal
wail of the closing "I'm Not Your Lover". Arriving at the end of such a
quiet record, it's a totally unexpected thing that makes this album
even more special.
-Anna Maria Stjarnell (

KZFR, Chico
'From the land of dot coms and um, Smashmouth, it's a refreshing thing
to put in the new disc by San Jose's own Lisa Dewey and experience
something completely different. "Weather Changer Girl" evokes a sound
pleasantly melodic and hypnotic, yet at the same time with a strong
delivery and sometime growl that holds the pace. Opening track
"Watching Her Fingers" launches the album with a dreamy soundscape that
would make any Cocteau Twin proud. As a matter of fact, this record
does feature a Twin, Simon Raymonde, on two tracks with his mixes on
four of the tracks. While Raymonde's presence is felt especially on
"Heathens" (sounding almost like a lost track from the Cocteau Twins',
Heaven or Las Vegas), Lisa's delivery is all her own with lyrics like
"I wanted to take you on the bar...So... Belly ache goes far...One
down." Pick up this record and hear a talented, new songwriter at work
and at play; doing what she does best.'
-Scott Garfield & Ingrid

Metro San Jose
Local folk/pop/alternative musician, Lisa Dewey's new CD, "Weather
Changer Girl", is true to it's name: It roils with unpredictable
emotional weather, from misty dreamscapes of love and infatuation to
some rumblings of romantic thunder. Four of the album's tracks were
mixed by Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins, and throughout the album
there are appealing hints of that group's floaty, ethereal quality, but
always nicely
grounded by Dewey's clear, ringing vocals, solid guitar work and curtly
poetic lyrics. The San Jose-based musician has also founded her own
label, Kitchen Whore Records, and currently has a book of poetry and
short stories titled "spank." available at, among other places, her
-Elmann Washington

Calendar Pick from Portland Willamette Week
April 2001
Lisa Dewey's delicate yelp not only conjures the Cocteau Twins' wispy
witch, Liz Fraser, she even got some sonic aid from the Twins' Simon
Raymonde on her latest album 'Weather Changer Girl'.
-John Graham

Calendar Pick from Portland Mercury
April 2001
Lisa Dewey is a bit of a car crash of ethereal cool. Her voice is deep
and heavy, the guitars sound like tumbling stars,
and when I hear the music, it makes methink of flowers growing on
Neptune's surface.
-Jamie S. Rich

Calendar Pick from Metro Santa Cruz
April 4, 2001
'...Speaking of neo-goth, San Jose singer/songwriter, LISA DEWEY played
a marvelous show at the Jury room Saturday, March 31st alongside Sin in
Space. Backed by a mellow three-piece band with 12-string guitars and
plenty of effects pedals, Dewey gracefully
sang simple but pretty tunes full of Cocteau Twins sensibilities.
-David Espinoza

LISA DEWEY Weather Changer Girl (Kitchen Whore Records)(CD)
This talented San Jose chanteuse/poetess has had quite a life so far!!
She played shows with Love andRockets, Sleater Kinney, and Petra Haden
(to name just a few), published a book, and created her own record
label. *She is also a guest singer on Andalusia's newest release.* On
this third album, her band welcomes Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins), who
engineers, plays bass and keyboards on #5, lead guitars on #8. Lisa
wrote all songs, sings with a unique and fervent style, plays acoustic
guitar & more. It's a vessel of doom, gloom and mad demons, but also
soft dreaminess. Experiments ensue with sitar, various types of robust
percussion, dripping electric guitar, ethereal ballads, spacey sound
effects, humble confessions, and fierce prowess. Yeah, she's a little
angry... but aren't we all??
-Angel D. Monique

By Jose Posadas Downtown Magazine
One does not listen to the music of San Jose singer, songwriter and
recording label founder, Lisa Dewey, rather, one is seized by its
haunting rhythms and compelled to surrender to a voice that calls to
mind the Sirens of Greek lore. Lisa lures the listener not to
destruction along jagged rocks surrounding an island but into one's
emotional lair where ghosts, their love tempered, seek shelter from
their mortal wounds. It is said that great art comes from great pain.
Central to everything creative, from paintings to fiction, to sculpture
and to songs, has been the search for love and the all too familiar
journey between hope and despair. Where we are at any one time along
this continuum is what a great song can capture. Lisa's songs invite
the listener to immerse oneself on an introspective journey to places
we otherwise try very hard to avoid.

Lisa Dewey first picked up a guitar at 15 and has been writing songs
since the mid '80's. She performed live for the first time at what was
then Marsugi's downtown and where Agenda now sits. A graduate of SJSU
in 1994, she obtained her degree in Music, specifically Improvised
Music Studies - Voice. She recalls how downtown in the early 1990's
had promise for young performing artists with places like Cactus Club
and Metro Cafe catering to a young audience that wanted live music.
She laments, however, the period from the mid '90's to the end of that
decade when venues downtown for live alternative music grew scarcer and
scarcer. "With the closing of Fuel (a nightclub that featured an
eclectic mix of live music) there is nowhere to go but Plant 51 now,"
Lisa adds. Like a migrant farmer who travels the agricultural circuit
in search of work Lisa has toured Seattle, Portland, Texas, and New
York as well as Los Angeles and local areas like San Francisco, Santa
Cruz and Chico in search of venues in which to perform. Though
performances downtown are rare she has played recently at various
Populus sponsored events such as the SoFA Bazaar on Friday nights. In
the past she has also performed at WORKS, the art gallery on North
Third Street, Camera Cafe and Plant 51.

Complicating the dearth of places downtown that cater to live music she
also cites concerns, shared by some local music promoters, about the
lack of media coverage for local performers and the sophistication of
the audience in the South Bay. For example, a band can perform to a
packed house on an off night in a club in San Francisco but the same
group will only draw a small crowd on a Friday or Saturday night
performing downtown.

In a move to help increase the audience for her music and to help
promote the music of other artists she started her own record label in
1997 called Kitchen Whore Records. Its name, a term of affection in
actuality, originates from her days working in a kitchen at a health
food store. When not producing her own full length CD's or singles she
is in her recording studio assisting the likes of Kelsi Arnold, with
her second full length CD or Bethany Curve of Santa Cruz with a 4-song
CD EP. In addition to a music career Lisa has written a book titled
"spank" which contains poetry, prose, short stories, one-liners and a
recipe. She has also had parts in independent films but it is her
music, which has been featured in some, that defines the artist. Asked
what the difference is in the creative process between her poetry and
lyrics in her songs she replies, "The stories are about my life and
more abstract. The lyrics are more straightforward. The lyrics for my
songs come out of the music as I am in the process of playing it".

Lisa's first full length CD, Lola CUKI, evokes images of dreams caught
in a proverbial feedback loop. Selections such as "Close to My
Honeypot" and "I Caught a Canary" are marked by a pattern of lyrical
repetitiveness that works in large part to the strength and quality of
her voice. Her song "I'll Write", consisting of a mere two-words, is
the songwriting equivalent of minimal art. This stylistic convention
is taken to the extreme in the song "In Search of Terra" that comes in
at over 11 minutes. By the end of the CD one feels as if they have
ferried through dire straits with Lisa serving as the Siren.
Her latest album, Weather Changer Girl, by comparison, offers richer
songwriting and musical accompaniment that is even stronger than what
was found in Lola CUKI. Notable selections are "Watching Her Fingers"
and "I Want To Be Your Matador, Your Bullfighter" that reach a
crescendo of lustful abandon. "Taking Out the Trash" is delivered with
such conviction that it plays like an anthem for all those who have
ever felt slighted by a lover and were compelled to reassert command of
their life. In contrast is the softly sentimental "Stormy Colored
Clouds" that speaks to adoration and submissive longing in lines like,
"I like to listen to the sound of your voice" and "You can stay as long
as you want".

With a new full-length album due to come out in June 2003 under her
band's full name, Lisa Dewey & The Lotus Life, one can only imagine the
musical treats in store from this local talent. If the past is any
indication it will be marked by her strong voice, hypnotic music and
alluring sensuality. Her CD's, book and upcoming shows can be found on
her websites:  and


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